The West Philly Foot Tappers are available to play your weddings and events, as anything from a three piece to six piece band.

For a band that plays historic styles of jazz, diversity is our musical trademark. We can provide low-key melodic cocktail hour ambience, We can also pitch our performance at a level to hold a boisterous bar crowd's attention. Music of the era we cover has a natural nostalgic quality and elegance, but we bring excitement and instrumental virtuosity as well. We often feature male and female lead vocalists. We have a swing dance set and a set that dives deep into the Eastern European, gypsy and klezmer influences of our music. We can play for hora dancing or a cabaret. 

 The "A team" band includes acoustic guitar, upright bass, jazz violin, jazz mandolin and clarinet. We also sometimes work a variety of horn players and banjo. With the "A team" configuration we can play acoustically in intimate settings where a rock cover band would be too loud and inappropriate. In even smaller settings, we perform as a trio. 

We perform in period dress and can provide a variety of levels of PA sound support, including interim music between sets.

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